COP, Science, Denialism, Skepticism, Shawn Otto: Ikonokast

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As you may know, Mike Haubrich and I have been planning to develop a podcast. Well, we did it, and you can visit the first episode here.

In this episode, Mike and I discuss some of the reasons behind why we created Ikonokast, and interview writer and science policy expert Shawn Otto. We touch on the recent Paris climate conference, Ted Cruz as the freshest face of absurd over the time science denialism, Shawn’s new novel, his forthcoming book on science policy, and the project.

Ikonokast has a web site, and each podcast will be shown presented in a blog post, at least for now. Eventually the podcast will be available through the usual other means such as iTunes, etc. (may even be there by the time you write this).

Please visit Ikonkast and let us know what you think!

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