Hillary Clinton Opposes Keystone XL Pipeline

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This just came in from NBC

Last week, Clinton said,

“I have been waiting for the administration to make a decision,” she said last week in Concord, NH. “I thought I owed them that. I worked in the administration. I started the process that is supposed to lead to a decision. I can’t wait too much longer. and I am putting the white house on notice. I’m gunna tell you what I think soon because I can’t wait. I thought they would have it decided way, you know, way by now and they haven’t.”

And moments ago she said:

“I think it is imperative that we look at the Keystone XL pipeline as what I believe it is: A distraction from the important work we have to do to combat climate change, and, unfortunately from my perspective, one that interferes with our ability to move forward and deal with other issues,” she said during a campaign event in Iowa Tuesday.

“Therefore, I oppose it. I oppose it because I don’t think it’s in the best interest of what we need to do to combat climate change.”

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3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Opposes Keystone XL Pipeline

  1. Keystone XL will not be build even if the state department approves due to the period of low crude prices we are in, The oil is uneconomic at the current pricing level. Anyway wait and see who wins the Canadian Election in Oct, as that could also kill it.

  2. Heather, good question. There is a reason, but I’m not sure if it is good.

    The people higher up had that disabled in the scienceblog template because of concerns over image ownership and rights and such. I’m not sure I understand that argument, but I think I disagree with it.

    Thanks for bringing it up. I’ll direct the management’s attention to the issue again and see if they would like to make a change. I think pinning in Pinterest should be allowed.

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