The funniest thing ever

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Just so you know. This is not something where you watch the first minute and get it and go “oh that’s funny” or not and them move on. The plot is complex you must watch it until the very very end or don’t bother. Just sayin’ this because people seem to not do that a lot. Not a good way to go through life.

Anyway, watch this. Be prepared to ROFLYAO.

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6 thoughts on “The funniest thing ever

  1. Good gods that’s hilarious! I love the expressions of The Anger Translator, with the Oliver North / Norman Bates (spinning) eyes. Amazing job.

  2. The rest of his speech is quite funny too, and worth googling…in fact, I thought the first half of the speech was the funnier part before Luther came on (not to say that wasn’t funny either…especially that last line).

    I did have to look up a couple of the references though to get some of the political jokes..e.g. the one about the millionaire now living in a van in Iowa was a reference to Clinton who is doing low-key campaigning—I imagine the folks who live in the US would get the jokes right away.

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