Climate Change Is Not A Scientific Problem

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Hunter Cutting, Director of Strategic Communications at Climate Nexus, talks about the upsides of the issues surrounding climate change. “One of the very interesting things I think about this whole issue is it’s actually not a scientific problem. Thanks to work of scientists we’re actually pretty clear what causes global warming,” said Cutting. “What we’re really talking about is moving our economy from a fossil fuel economy to renewable energy economy and the cost to that is marginal at best.”

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2 thoughts on “Climate Change Is Not A Scientific Problem

  1. I think you may have meant to say, “…cost to that is marginal AT WORST.” In fact, at best, there will be no net cost whatsoever, particularly if the avoided negative externalities are included.

  2. cost is marginal ??? utter codswallop; tell that to china/india/poland and many more ..all burning coal and oil profusly;

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