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Remember earlier this year when Senator James Inhofe stood on the floor of the United States Senate and displayed a list of supposed climate scientists who question the reality of global warming? That list was produced by the Heartland Institute, who now use the list and it’s infamy to raise money. One of the “climate scientists” on that list was Willie Soon. We’ve talked about Willie Soon before (see: Science Denialists Make Fake Journal, Get Shut Down, Willie Soon Gate, and Willie Soon, will he soon be fired?) and he is now been exposed by the New York Times for ethical violations. I understand that he has testified before Congress before. I wonder if his testimony can now be re-examined.

Anyway, just thought you’d like to know. And that you might enjoy the above meme.

Oh, and there has been some interest in who is on the list. This is the list of “those who can not be challenged!”…

DeSmogBlog has issued a NEW VERSION of the Heartland Poster with more accurate bios for each of the Heartland 58. GET IT HERE.

And, here is the list:

Habibullo Abdussamatov, Dr. Sci. Russia
Head of the Space Research Laboratory at the
Pulkovo Observatory and head of the Russian-
Ukrainian project Astrometria on the Russian
Segment of the International Space Station. He is the author
of more than 160 scientific publications.

J. Scott Armstrong, Ph.D. USA
Professor at the Wharton School, University of
Pennsylvania, a founder of the Journal of Forecasting,
International Journal of Forecasting, and International
Symposium on Forecasting.

Jerry Arnett, M.D. USA
A pulmonologist in private practice, an adjunct
scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute,
and a scientific advisor to the American Council on
Science and Health.

Ron Arnold USA
Executive vice president of the Center for the
Defense of Free Enterprise, author of eight books,
researcher and editor of ten books, and columnist for
the Washington Examiner.

Dennis Avery USA
Senior fellow of the Hudson Institute, previously
a senior analyst in the U.S. Department of State
(1980–88), where he won the National Intelligence
Medal of Achievement in 1983.

Tim Ball, Ph.D. Canada
Former professor of climatology, University of
Winnipeg, author of The Deliberate Corruption of
Climate Science.

Robert Balling, Ph.D. USA
Professor in the climatology program in the School
of Geographical Sciences at Arizona State University.

Joe Bastardi USA
Meteorologist, co-chief forecaster at Weatherbell
Analytics, long-time weather forecaster for
AccuWeather (1978–2011).

E. Calvin Beisner, Ph.D. USA
National spokesman for The Cornwall Alliance for
the Stewardship of Creation, editor of The Cornwall
Alliance’s electronic newsletter, and author or coauthor
of several major papers and articles on global warming
produced by The Cornwall Alliance.

Larry Bell USA
Endowed professor of space architecture at the
University of Houston, where he founded and
directs the Sasakawa International Center for Space
Architecture. Author of Climate of Corruption: Politics and
Power Behind the Global Warming Hoax.

Christopher Booker United Kingdom
Columnist at the Sunday Telegraph (London) and
author of The Real Global Warming Disaster: Is The
Obsession With ‘Climate Change’ Turning Out To Be
The Most Costly Scientific Blunder In History?

Robert L. Bradley, Jr. USA
Founder and CEO, Institute for Energy Research;
adjunct scholar, Cato Institute; adjunct scholar,
Competitive Enterprise Institute; visiting fellow of
the Institute of Economic Affairs in London; and honorary
senior research fellow at the Center for Energy Economics at
the University of Texas at Austin.

Barry Brill New Zealand
New Zealand barrister and solicitor, former Minister
of Science & Technology and Minister of Energy,
and current chairman of the New Zealand Climate
Science Coalition.

Robert M. Carter, Ph.D. Australia
Palaeontologist, stratigrapher, marine geologist, and
environmental scientist, has held tenured academic staff
positions at the University of Otago (Dunedin) and
James Cook University (Townsville), where he was professor and
Head of the School of Earth Sciences between 1981 and 1999.

George Christensen, MP Australia
Member of the Australian Parliament representing
Dawson, Queensland in the House of Representatives
since 2010. He is a member of the National Party.

John Coleman USA
America’s best-known TV weatherman, the original
weathercaster on Good Morning America, and founder
of The Weather Channel, serving as its CEO and
president during the startup and its first year of operation.

Walter Cunningham USA
Pilot of Apollo 7, the first manned flight test of the
Apollo Program to land a man on the Moon. He is
a retired Marine Corps fighter pilot with the rank of
colonel, a successful businessman, entrepreneur, venture capitalist,
lecturer, and author.

James Delingpole United Kingdom
English columnist who writes for The Times, The
Daily Telegraph, and The Spectator. He has published
several novels and four political books, including
Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors.

Paul Driessen USA
Senior fellow with the Committee For A Constructive
Tomorrow and Center for the Defense of Free
Enterprise, author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power,
Black Death (Merril Press, 2003).

Don Easterbrook, Ph.D. USA
Emeritus professor of geology at Western
Washington University, where he has conducted
research on global climate change in western North
America, New Zealand, Argentina, and various other parts of
the world for the past 48 years.

Myron Ebell USA
Director of energy and global warming policy at
the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He chairs the
Cooler Heads Coalition, representing more than two
dozen nonprofit groups in the U.S. and abroad that question
global warming alarmism and oppose energy rationing policies.

Indur Goklany, Ph.D. USA
Former visiting fellow with the American Enterprise
Institute, the first Julian Simon Fellow at the
Political Economy Research Center in Bozeman,
Montana, author of The Improving State of the World.

Fred Goldberg, Ph.D. Sweden
Associate professor at the Royal Institute of
Technology in Stockholm and CEO of the Swedish
Polar Institute.

Stanley Goldenberg USA
Hurricane researcher based in Miami, Florida.
His primary research has been examining climatic
factors that influence the variability of hurricane
activity in the Atlantic on intraseasonal to multidecadal time

Steve Goreham USA
Executive Director of the Climate Science Coalition
of America and author of Climatism! Science, Common
Sense, and the 21st Century’s Hottest Topic, and The
Mad, Mad, Mad, World of Climatism.

Tom Harris Canada
Executive director, International Climate Science
Coalition, former executive director of the Natural
Resources Stewardship Project (Canada), instructor
from 2009 to 2011 (four sessions) on the Faculty of Sciences at
Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

Howard Hayden, Ph.D. USA
Professor of physics emeritus in the Physics
Department of the University of Connecticut, editor
of The Energy Advocate, author of A Primer on CO2
and Climate (2007) and A Primer on Renewable Energy (2009).

Roger Helmer, MEP United Kingdom
Member of the European Parliament representing
the UK’s East Midlands Region for the UK
Independence Party (UKIP). He graduated from
the University of Cambridge in 1965 with a degree in mathematics.

Craig Idso, Ph.D. USA
Founder and chairman of the Center for the Study
of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, coauthor
of Climate Change Reconsidered and other books on
climate change.

Richard A. Keen, Ph.D. USA
Emeritus meteorology instructor at the University of
Colorado, academic scientist on the Juneau (Alaska)
Ice Field Research Program, and a former “tornadochaser”
for the National Center for Atmospheric Research and
the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Madhav Khandekar Canada
Former research scientist from Environment Canada,
presently on the editorial board of the Journal of
Natural Hazards (Kluwer).

William Kininmonth Australia
Former head of Australia’s National Climate
Centre and consultant to the World Meteorological

David W. Kreutzer, Ph.D. USA
Senior policy analyst in energy economics and climate
change at The Heritage Foundation’s Center
for Data Analysis, and previously a professor of
economics for 23 years at James Madison University in
Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Hon. Vaclav Klaus, Ph.D. Czech Republic
Former president of the Czech Republic, first elected
in February 2003. An economist by education, he
has worked in research at the Institute of Economics
of the Czech Academy of Sciences and at the Czechoslovak
State Bank.

David Legates, Ph.D. USA
Professor in the Department of Geography at the
University of Delaware, and an adjunct professor in
the Physical Ocean Science and Engineering
Program and the Department of Applied Economics
and Statistics.

Jay Lehr, Ph.D. USA
Senior fellow and science director of The Heartland
Institute, an internationally renowned speaker, scientist,
and author who has testified before Congress on
more than three dozen occasions on environmental issues and
consulted with nearly every agency of the federal government
and with many foreign countries.

Marlo Lewis, Ph.D. USA
Senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute,
where he writes on global warming, energy policy,
and other public policy issues.

Richard Lindzen, Ph.D. USA
Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, Emeritus,
at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and
Distinguished Senior Fellow with the Cato

Craig Loehle, Ph.D. USA
Worked at the Department of Energy Laboratories
before joining the National Council for Air and
Stream Improvement in 1998. He has published
more than 150 peer-reviewed papers in forestry, ecology, geophysics,
modeling, and other fields.

Anthony Lupo, Ph.D. USA
Professor of atmospheric science in the Department
of Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Science at
the University of Missouri, and past chair and director
of graduate studies for the department.

Jennifer Marohasy, Ph.D. Australia
An Australian biologist who has worked for government
and industry. Currently a research fellow in
the Centre for Plant and Water Science at Central
Queensland University, Australia.

Patrick Michaels, Ph.D. USA
Director of the Center for the Study of Science at
the Cato Institute, a past president of the American
Association of State Climatologists, and former program
chair for the Committee on Applied Climatology of the
American Meteorological Society.

Christopher Monckton United Kingdom
Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, chief policy
advisor to the Science and Public Policy Institute.
He has held positions with the British press and
in government, as a press officer at the Conservative Central
Office, and as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s policy

Patrick Moore, Ph.D. Canada
Co-founder, chair, and chief scientist of Greenspirit
Strategies. Founding member and former president
and international director of Greenpeace, author of
Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout: The Making of a Sensible

Marita Noon USA
Executive director of Energy Makes America Great
Inc. and its companion educational organization, the
Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy.

Joanne Nova Australia
Australian science writer, blogger, and speaker, author
of The Skeptics Handbook, Climate Money, and other
short books, and host of JoNova, a Web site.

Ian Plimer, Ph.D. Australia
Chair of mining geology at The University of
Adelaide and emeritus professor of Earth sciences
at The University of Melbourne, where he was chair
and head from 1992 to 2005. Author of Heaven and Earth:
Global Warming – The Missing Science.

Harrison Schmitt, Ph.D. USA
Harrison “Jack” Schmitt is an American geologist
and a former NASA astronaut, university professor,
and U.S. Senator. He is the 12th and last person to
walk on the Moon.

S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. USA
One of the world’s most prominent atmospheric
and space physicists, he is founder and president
of the Science and Environmental Policy Project,
former distinguished research professor at George Mason
University, and professor emeritus of environmental science at
the University of Virginia..

Willie Soon, Ph.D. USA
An astrophysicist and geoscientist based in
Cambridge, Massachusetts, he is the receiving editor
in the area of solar and stellar physics for the journal
New Astronomy and author of The Maunder Minimum and the
Variable Sun-Earth Connection.

Roy Spencer, Ph.D. USA
Principal research scientist for the University of
Alabama in Huntsville and the U.S. Science Team
Leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning
Radiometer (AMSR-E) on NASA’s Aqua satellite. In the past,
he has served as senior scientist for climate studies at NASA’s
Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Brian Sussman USA
For 20 years the San Francisco Bay Area’s top television
meteorologist and science reporter, he is the
author of Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes
The Global Warming Scam.

George H. Taylor, CCM USA
President of Applied Climate Services, former director
of the Oregon Climate Service at Oregon State
University, former member of the Board of Certified
Consulting Meteorologists (chairman in 1995), and two-time
President of the American Association of State Climatologists
(1998-99 and 1999-2000).

James M. Taylor USA
Senior Fellow for The Heartland Institute and former
managing editor of Environment & Climate
News, a national monthly publication devoted to
sound science and free-market environmentalism. He writes a
weekly column addressing environment issues for

David Tuerck, Ph.D. USA
Professor of cconomics and executive director of
the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University in
Boston. Tuerck is an authority on tax policy analysis,
labor union issues, and macroeconomic stabilization policies.

Paul E. Waggoner, Ph.D. USA
A distinguished scientist at the Connecticut
Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven, where
he was formerly director. His research has spanned
micrometeorology; stomates or leaf pores; plant disease epidemiology;
and land use by cities, crops, and forests.

Anthony Watts USA
A 25-year broadcast meteorology veteran and currently
chief meteorologist for KPAY-AM radio,
he exposed shortcomings in the U.S. network of
weather stations and is host of the popular science blog, Watts
Up With That.

Thomas Wysmuller USA
Trained as a meteorologist at New York University
and at the Royal Dutch Weather Bureau in
Amsterdam, he worked for five years throughout
NASA before, during, and after the moon landings. He is routinely
invited back to give science and meteorology lectures at
NASA Field Centers and universities throughout the world.

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