The President’s Science Advisor Answers Your Climate Questions

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Since last November, Dr. John Holdren — the President’s science advisor — has been encouraging the public to ask him anything about climate change on social media using the hashtag #AskDrH. In his first set of answers, he covered a lot of ground — the connection between climate change and extreme weather, temperature trends, how we know that climate change is human-cased, and more.

Today, Dr. H is answering more of your questions — this time from students and classrooms across the country.

As the community leaders, city planners, innovators, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, America’s students will be instrumental in efforts to tackle the climate change challenge. That’s why, this past December, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy launched the Climate Education and Literacy Initiative — aimed at ensuring a climate-smart citizenry, and connecting Americans of all ages with the best-available, science-based information about climate change.

Later today, we’ll be celebrating eight Champions of Change for Climate Education and Literacy — local heroes who are doing extraordinary work on the ground to enhance climate education and literacy in classrooms and communities across the country.

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