The Climate Change Tide Is Turning

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Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.43.45 AMHere are two more pieces of evidence that the tide is turning on climate change, with denialists losing ground and the science gaining ground.

House panel agrees to prioritize climate change

From The Hill:

The Republican-led House Natural Resources Committee agreed to put climate change on its agenda over the next two years.

The panel, led by Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah), voted unanimously Wednesday to include climate change and its impacts on natural resources as a subject in its oversight plan.

Thanks to an amendment sponsored by ranking member Rep. Raul Grijalva (R-Ariz.), the committee said it will “conduct oversight of global climate change and impacts on federal lands and resources and the strategies for using federal lands, oceans and other resources to mitigate harmful effects.”
In introducing the amendment, Grijalva said that many members of the panel, not just Democrats, are concerned with climate change and “the committee’s ability to deal with that issue in a way that provides real information and begins to look at possible solutions for public lands, oceans and other resources that fall under the jurisdiction of this committee.”

STUDY: How Broadcast Networks Covered Climate Change In 2014

From Media Matters:

The total coverage of climate change on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox continued to increase for the third consecutive year, according to a Media Matters analysis, yet still remained below the level seen in 2009. Coverage on the networks’ Sunday shows reached a six-year high after a group of senators demanded they provide more coverage of the issue, but the Sunday shows still infrequently interviewed scientists.

And they have this video:

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