Sarah Palin Runs Against Self, Wins

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Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.13.43 PMSarah Palin is destine, I think, to be the Tea Party’s own Harold Stassen, a perennial candidate and, ultimately a joke. Except I think Palin is far more advanced in the joke area.

It is reported that Palin’s speech at the recently held Iowa gathering of potential candidates was so bad it left even supporters shaking their heads. The BBC reports:

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York calls her 33-minute speech “long, rambling and at times barely coherent”.

Ms Palin spoke about media bias, the film American Sniper, Barack Obama, energy policy, Margaret Thatcher and women in politics, among other topics. And while she did supply a steady diet of her trademark zingers – “The man can only ride you when your back is bent” – the end result was something more akin to avante garde, improvisational performance art.

“By the time Palin finished speaking, it was hard for anyone to believe she truly is ‘seriously interested’ in running for president,” York concluded.

I am very disappointed because I thought a race involving both Palin and Trump would be hilarious.

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