Some positive clean energy news

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America Installed 22 Times More Solar in 2014 Than in 2008

…he surge in domestic energy production — both fossil fuels and renewable electricity — is something nearly everyone can celebrate.

In terms of new investment activity and job creation, the solar industry has posted some of the best numbers in recent years. In 2014, new domestic solar jobs were added at a pace twenty times faster than the broader economy, bringing total jobs to 173,807. And a new solar installation is now being completed every two and a half minutes in the U.S., up from one every two hours a decade before.

Three coal plants in Kansas will stop burning coal.

Kansas City Power & Light Co. announced plans Tuesday to stop burning coal at three of its plants. The utility explained the move as one that reflects a commitment to sustainable energy and cost management.

The electric utility, a unit of Kansas City-based Great Plains Energy Inc. (NYSE: GXP), said it will stop burning coal in one unit at its Lake Road Station plant in St. Joseph, Mo., and at one unit at its Montrose Station plant in Clinton, Mo., by the end of 2016. It will stop using coal as a fuel at two units of its Sibley Station plant in Sibley, Mo., by the end of 2019 and at two units of the Montrose plant by the end of 2021.

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