An alternative to the response to the state of the union address. Must see.

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I watched the State of the Union Address, and it was great. Not nearly enough on climate change, but otherwise it was great. I did not watch the response. I heard it was not great.

But then Clara Jeffery of Mother Jones asked on twitter if they, the responses, are ever great. So I went and looked through a few old ones and I found one that YOU MUST NOT MISS. Watch the whole thing including the credits and the bit with Brokaw at the end. Pay special attention to the hair.

So, without further delay, the Democratic Response to Reagan’s 1985 State of the Union Address, a veritable Variety Show of Politics, hosted by the rising star Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas. Music by Genesis.

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5 thoughts on “An alternative to the response to the state of the union address. Must see.

  1. If the Democrats are trying to demonstrate they can keep the government from getting too big, they totally failed with this short 8:22 clip. A full 37% of it was the credits. Not a good showing if you’re trying to project lean and mean.

  2. Right you are Greg. And desktop publishing was just getting its start. It was also the days of news letters made with 15 different fonts. I never made one but I’m still embarrassed to have been a part of those early days of micro-computer technology. I’m glad I made it to the future. Time travel is a wonderful thing.

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