The Republican's Greatest Hoax?

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My friend Paul was on the Ed Show. A few classic lines:

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5 thoughts on “The Republican's Greatest Hoax?

  1. Certainly the most consequential, but there’s a general cascade of crocodile tears and mastery of Orwellian newspeak. One example: Republicans are now trying to extend “right to work” laws.

    They make organizing as difficult as they can, and disguise union bashing as the defense of “individual employee rights.” At the same time they ensure that these rights do not include workplace safety or a livable minimum wage. Class warfare is then redefined:

    “…this time Republicans shouldn’t forget the workplace, and cleaning up the indefensible rules that have long favored deep-pocketed labor bosses over employees.”

    A workplace in which workers have no representation and are at the mercy of their employers becomes a vision of freedom:

    The new Congress can offer a workplace that is more fair, and free, too.”

  2. Just goes to show: When you wield a powerful oratorical weapon that preys upon insecure people’s fears and prejudices, you can manipulate them even to the extent of enticing them to follow courses of action that lead to their own demise…

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