President Obama on Ebola

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Obama made Ebola the subject of his weekly address. He emphasizes some unique concepts: Science and facts.

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3 thoughts on “President Obama on Ebola

  1. That Bush-with-a-tan is a tool.

    I’ll sit here and try to do my best not to entertain outrageous conspiracy theories. (not really).

  2. As someone who was absolutely captivated and horrified reading Richard Prestons’ book The Hot Zone’ on Marburg and ebola in a local bookshop – to the point of missing my bus home a few times; this :

    & from there this :

    Especially this :

    “Initially, there were a lot of fears that Ebola could mutate to become the airborne Andromeda strain that would wipe us all out. With what we know now about the genetic code of the virus, Ebola does not travel through the air in airborne form and is very unlikely to mutate that way.

    (Emphasis added.)

    Seems Preston is now siding with you, Greg Laden which is kinda nice to know.

  3. Also if I may I (mostly) agree with what Jim Wright on the Stonekettle Station blog has to say about ebola – and a whole lot more here :

    WARNING : SWEARING and offensive language.

    For those who haven’t already stumbled on that one. Hope this is okay Greg Laden, my apologies and feel free to delete if not.

    NB. Some credit too goes to PZ Myers ‘Pharyngula’ which was where I discovered the link to Tara C. Smith’s ‘Aetiology’ blog article linked above.

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