Twitter Analytics? Inspect your Twitter feed for impact

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You can now see what happens when you tweet something. Twitter has a web page that tells you how many “impressions” a tweet has, how many “Engagements” (any kind of click on your tweet) and, for convenience, the percentage of tweets with which your tweeps engaged. There are also summary graphs for engagement rate, link clicks, and retweets. There is also a graph that shows your daily frequency of impressions from your entire twitter feed and a few helpful summary statements such as your current day’s impressions in relation to your 28 day average.

If you click on a tweet, you get a graph showing activity every several hours across the days since the tweet was born, with details of the kinds of engagements that happened.

Now you can obsessively track your tweets instead of just tweeting them.

This service was previously available only to verified users and advertisers Now it is available to anybody.

Click here to visit the page.

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