Johnny Winter Plays His Last Riff

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I used to secretly like Johnny Winter and his brother. Secretly because they (and Rick Derringer IIRC) were all idolize by my friends and I tended to avoid going along with what everybody else did or thought. But I did manage to get to all the concerts invovolving any of the above.

Anyway, Johnny Winter has died, apparently.

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3 thoughts on “Johnny Winter Plays His Last Riff

  1. I was and stayed a big Johnny Winter fan. I enjoyed his blues much more than his rock and roll. He was just here in Kalamazoo a few weeks ago and family issues had me away at the time.

    Side note on Rick Derringer: apparently he has turned into a major born again christian. I think he’s still performing: wonder if he still plays “Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo”?

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