Huge News: "Redskins" Trademark Disallowed by US Patent Office

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The United States Patent Office has decided that “Redskins” is a term offensive to Native Americans and can not be trademarked. Details here.

Will the team challenge this, and if so, on what basis? Free speech? Freedom to be offensive?

Maybe this video had an effect.

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3 thoughts on “Huge News: "Redskins" Trademark Disallowed by US Patent Office

  1. It’s not the first time. Last time they won on appeals (federal circuit). They also have state trademarks in a lot of states so the impact is unclear even if they lose on appeal.

  2. This has nothing to do with conformity of thought. Trademarks are the opposite of liberty. By removing the trademark protection of the name, more people will have the ability to use it. Fewer trademarks = More Liberty. The team can keep using the name, they just can’t stop others from using it as well.

    Since it’s well known that Snyder cares about money above all other things, you can rest assured that the team will have a new name right after the appeals fail (if they do).

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