How to watch #WorldCup #Soccer in the US for Free

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Around the world, productivity of businesses, service, all things related to the progress of civilization, and pretty much everything else will be delayed and repeatedly interrupted from today on through some time in July as the quadrennial event known as World Cup Soccer is played out. This is just like the Olympics but much much longer and there is only one sport. Plus, there are only a few countries involved. And, of those, most are sacrificial lambs — only a few of the countries that play ever win.

Every one in the world can watch World Cup Soccer for free by just turning on the TV or hooking up on the Internet. Everyone.

In the United States, however, Disney bought the game out and if you want to watch the game and hear commentary in English and such you have to Pay the Walt. This is done in various ways that I don’t fully understand, so I can’t give you any advice as to how to spend your money that way.

But, Univision, an international network that happens to be Spanish Language, has an on line live stream of the games.

To watch World Cup Soccer for Free, CLICK HERE and check out the site. If there is a game on you’ll be able to click through. No hay problema. Poco los comentaristas dicen que los asuntos de todos modos. Es en su mayoría sólo los nombres de los jugadores están citados el balón rebota sin sentido de un pie al otro y la cabeza a cabeza y los pies a la cabeza y la cabeza a los pies. ¿Sí?

I watched the game for a few minutes today, just long enough to see Brazil score it’s second point. Unfortunately, el punto fue para el equipo contrario! Hahaha!

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4 thoughts on “How to watch #WorldCup #Soccer in the US for Free

  1. You are normally very good at promoting knowledge, allow me to correct you failing this time.

    For the sake of pedantry and apologies for that, what is on now is the World Cup FINALS. In the World Cup there are not “only a few countries involved”.

    The 2014 competition in it’s entirety involved 204 countries, which is more than the number of United Nations member states:

    You don’t need to thank me!

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