Climate Change on MSNBC: Bill Nye and Jeffrey Sachs

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Nice coverage of climate change that is NOT A “DEBATE” ASSUMING SOME KIND OF DUMB FALSE BALANCE. Way to go, MSNBC. Thank you.

Summer weather in Sochi, a record-drought in California and a polar vortex. The evidence for climate change is all around us. Bill Nye and Jeffrey Sachs talk about the climate debate and need for energy research.

See also this guy:

It is funny that this guy got two people who are also not climate change scientists, but whatever.

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6 thoughts on “Climate Change on MSNBC: Bill Nye and Jeffrey Sachs

  1. So why is your embedded video demanding that I install a Flash player that doesn’t exist for Linux?

    I normally would assume that the poster was MS-only, but in your case I know better.

  2. THE WORLD IS FLAT | Weekly World News…/the-world-is-fla…
    Jun 20, 2011 – FARGO, N.D. — A scientistfrom Oregon has proven that the earth is indeed flat. Dr Ura Ydiot has worked on his mathematical model for over 3 decades and has conclusive evidence that world is indeed flat. His paper will be published next month in the Journal of Saince.

    While many in the field were initially flabbergasted with Ydiot’s theory several conceded that the work had merit.

    Dr Richard Wad, professor at the University of Pennsylvannia department of Advanced Flatuence Studies stated, “This work reminds me as a scientist that assuming can only make an ass of u and me.”.

    As a result of these findings all luxury ocean liners have cancelled their cruises until the dangers can be better assessed. Airlines have also been recalculating shorter routes with hopes of cutting fuel costs.

    Dr Ydiot plans next to prove the moon is on fact composed of cheese.

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