Has Alien Life Been Discovered?

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First, let me tell you that the Journal of Cosmology has a very checkered history and anything published in it can not be trusted in the same way one might trust counter-intuitive results, provisionally at least, in a legit journal.

An article in the journal indicates that British scientists found stuff way high up at the edge of the out space-atmosphere boundary that must be from comets.

They give the argument that it must be from a comet because they did their sampling of it during a time when comet dust would be likely found in the region (because a comet’s remains,a meteor swarm, was bombarding the Earth). They plan to test this idea further by sampling again at a later time. Unfortunately, rather than sampling during a period of little or no comet-remnant activity, they will sample again during high commet-remnant activity. This way they can establish the TRUTH of WHAT IS OUT THERE using the best available method: CONFIRMATION BIAS.

There is a picture of the life. It is clearly a diatom fragment. Expect Anthony Watts to be reporting on this momentarily!

Diatoms, or fragments of them, are tiny itty bitty things and tend to make up a good proportion of air-dust. Probably, this is air dust.

Also,earlier recovered “aliens” were tested to see if they had DNA, and they do. This led the researchers to conclude with high certainty that life on earth started elsewhere because “there are hardly any biologists in outer space” (or words to that effect).

I hesitate to provide this, but HERE IS A LINK to an article describing this amazing story. Or maybe amazing is the wrong word. Maybe I mean unbelievable.

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4 thoughts on “Has Alien Life Been Discovered?

  1. Maybe I mean unbelievable

    Isn’t “unbelievable” a synonym of “amazing”? If so, your first choice works.

    Am just about to head home so haven’t followed you link (will later) but: do they explain why they will sample again during “high commet (sic) -remnant activity”?

  2. Dean: Exactly! I was being wry.

    They want to sample again to verify their first sample. What they should really do is sample a few times when there is not comet dust recently added to the area the Earth is passing through to see if there is variation in “alien” life abundance that corresponds to comet propinquity.

  3. As unbelievable as the indemonstrable atheist claim that all existence, life, mind, and reason itself are the product of mindless forces.

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