Buzzfeed Attacks Planned Parenthood

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I was surprised to find a link to this in my inbox this morning. Here’s a picture:


It appears to be unironic.

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5 thoughts on “Buzzfeed Attacks Planned Parenthood

  1. This is sick, twisted stuff. Where is that little bastard James O’Keefe in all of this? Sounds like his MO.

    Tell me exactly why ‘investigators’ would want to call PP with this kind of tripe? Further, why would I believe any of it?

  2. Some of this may be true but not as presented.
    I don’t know PP very well but what is wrong with #8??
    They provide a service and get paid?
    And that is bad How?
    And you may find something similar with the other 7 items, although ‘lying for Cheeses’ is nothing new.

  3. I see it’s from a “Community Contributor” using the handle PersonhoodUSA. The name of the source is telling.

  4. FWIW, each of the “investigation” links in this site go to a same anti-abortion web site. Links on that website to “investigations” simply go to other parts of the same site with no further info on the who, what when or where of the “investigations”.
    Curious that BuzzFeed allowed in to be published.

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