RIP Hobbit Finder Mike Morwood

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From The Australian

THE Gandalf of science, archeologist Mike Morwood, who helped find a new species of tiny humans dubbed the Hobbit, died yesterday after a year-long battle with cancer.

Professor Morwood’s legacy will be linked to the Indonesian island of Flores, where in 2003 he was part of a team that discovered Homo floresiensis, which rewrote the history books and changed our understanding of human evolution….

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2 thoughts on “RIP Hobbit Finder Mike Morwood

  1. I am blown away about Mike’s passing. He taught many of us at UNE as external students and found his work at that time in Australian archaeology very interesting with the rest of my life having a fondness for Australian archaeology. Mike was a student’s lecturer who conveyed his passion for that particular strand of archaeology he was teaching on the day and for that moment. I thought he was a great man then and think he was up to the time of his death!

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