“I am forced to conclude that your work is bad science”

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Elizabeth Chin has written an excellent scholarly takedown, in the form of a “letter from your thesis reader,” of Jason Richwine’s 2009 Harvard PhD dissertation, ” IQ and Immigration.”

I’ve not read Richwine’s thesis, though I probably will at some point. And you probably haven’t either. But, you’ll still find Chin’s post informative and compelling.

It is here: What Jason Richwine Should Have Heard from his PhD Committee

While you are on the subject have a look at this: Harvard Students Demand Investigation Into Jason Richwine’s Thesis On Hispanic IQ

Hat tip: Jennifer Raff.

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2 thoughts on ““I am forced to conclude that your work is bad science”

  1. I’m slightly disappointed by the petition. They shouldn’t just be opposing it on the basis that his paper is mean. They should be opposing it on the basis that it’s bull hockey. Never mind the odious claim he’s making; the paper itself is garbage from a scientific standpoint, and should never have been accepted.

  2. I wasn’t aware Charles Murray was a big defender of this guy, but upon reflection it isn’t surprising.

    I am surprised this cod-swallow got past the committee’s review – any explanation about what they were thinking? Since they seem to be trying to have it both ways (his empirical work is strong but we don’t like what he says) it would seem they have much to account for.

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