Michele Bachmann Will Not Run For Re-Election (Updated)

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Michele Bachmann is currently serving her last term and will not seek re-election.

She claims to have suddenly grown the opinion that there should be term limits on Representatives in the House, but that is not very likely the reason. It could be that she is behind in the polls, and it could have something to do with the impending criminal and ethics investigations. If it the latter, perhaps we should be expecting some news in the near future regarding these investigations.

Either way,

Maybe she plans to run for Senator against Al Franken?

OH please, please, please, let it be so!

UPDATE: Here’s Michele Bachmann’s YouTub video explaining how wonderful she is and stating that she WILL run for public office if she decides it is necessary for her to save the United States of America from itself. She also states that it is necessary for her to save the United States of America from itself, so do indeed expect her to run:

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9 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann Will Not Run For Re-Election (Updated)

  1. Maybe Fox offered her Sarah’s gig. After all you can never have too many wackaloons on misinfotainment cable networks.

  2. She, or someone, will blame the evil power of the gayz for driving her out. She’s leaving to rally the troops in response – just my prediction .

  3. I interpreted her nauseating video as “I’m not quitting because I might lose, and I’m not quitting because of the ethics investigation since we TOTALLY did everything right, I’m quitting for a really really good reason, and as soon as I think of it, I might tell you.”

  4. good to know that in her opinion, one party: (the GOP) holding both houses of congress and the executive branch is what our founding fathers had in mind.
    her wide-eyed certainty that her view is totally correct and that no statesmanship/compromise should be allowed is, quite simply, the premise that has caused the mess we are currently experiencing.
    ALEC ( http://www.alecexposed.org/wiki/ALEC_Exposed) continues to do their job well and transform the US into a corporatocracy using dimwits like this one.

  5. She’ll run against Franken, just wait. Should be the most entertaining campaign in years. And by that, I mean trainwrecks ahoy!

  6. Today has been a very easy day for liberal commentators. They came to work, looked at the newsfeed, opened the file named “Crazy Shit Michele Bachmann Says,” did a little editing, had their main story of the day finished before their first cup of coffee.

  7. But our local press more or less ignored Bachmann’s insanity until today. Seriously. There is more about how nutbag she is right now in current outlets than the entire collection of such information from the MSM in the Twin Cities over the last 8 years.

  8. Bob Dole just said something about hanging out a closed for repairs sign,could this be a first step?

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