NCSE’s Genie Scott will Retire

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My friend and colleague, executive director of the National Center for Science Education’s Genie Scott, will retire by the end of the year. She’s been director of the NCSE for 26 years. Genie is a key player, perhaps the key player, in the battle to keep science in the classroom and other things that are not science out of the classroom, in public schools. She’s gotten piles of awards and has done a huge amount of great work. While a lot of people have been involved in this fight, I think it is fair to give Genie top billing in such major and momentous efforts as the fight in Dover (which sealed the fate for creationism in public schools forever). She is author of Evolution vs. Creationism: An Introduction and Not in Our Classrooms: Why Intelligent Design Is Wrong for Our Schools.

Genie was Julia’s grandfather’s undergraduate advisee, and back in the day, was a key influence on my personal interest in creationism (and the fighting thereof). Thank you Genie for everything.

She’ll be missed. Although maybe she’s not really going away, just doing other great things.

There are more details here, as well as info on the job announcement, in case you were looking for something new!

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One thought on “NCSE’s Genie Scott will Retire

  1. Genie will be a tough act to follow. I hope that won’t keep people from trying though. I’ve listened to many of her presentations. I will miss her.

    Job well done Genie. I hope your “retirement” will be enjoyable, restful, and maybe just a hint of a challenge now and then to keep you sharp.

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