Remarks on the Senate’s Failure to Legislate (gun background checks)

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The following video shows remarks by various individuals including President Obama on the shameful behavior of the US Senate in relation to a bill increasing the scope of background checks on individuals who plan to purchase firearms in the United States.

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3 thoughts on “Remarks on the Senate’s Failure to Legislate (gun background checks)

  1. Let’s consider the NRA claim that expanded background checks — even the scaled-back checks the bill specified, far from the universal checks the president wanted — would infringe the right of law-abiding, responsible citizens to own guns. The only way this could happen is if those allegedly responsible citizens are mentally ill, or are hiding criminal records.

    If that were true, are these the sorts of people the NRA leadership would want to make up their “well-regulated militia”? I certainly hope not.

  2. this is justanother case of politicians maintaining the dumbass status quo. classic of senators to cockblock human advancement by catering to yokels clinging to bygone fears of government takeovers.

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