Geology vs. Cars

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One of these days I’ll tell you the story of when I was almost killed permanently by sink hole. I’ll probably have to package that story with the time I was buried alive in a trench (for symmetry). These things happen to archaeologists. Not as often as getting pinned down by gunfire, or running out of beer, or other things much more important than the earth sucking you into itself, but they do happen. As a matter of fact, after years of training and a number of highly educational on-trial-learning type events, I’m always noticing sink holes. They are way, way more common than you would think. There is one right in front of the grocery store I shop in. I’m sure it is undetected (and small). It is likely to remain undetected until they decide to rip up the pavement some day.

Anyway, here is a recent sink hole event I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching. But just so you don’t feel like a jerk later, I should tell you in advance that there is someone in that car and that person was injured. Here you go:

Last I heard the person was eventually extracted and brought to the hospital. Gotta love the body language on that firefighter.

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5 thoughts on “Geology vs. Cars

  1. In my limited archaeological experience, gunfire more often results from running out of beer in the field than running into it.

  2. starskeptic, I’m going by what the news report I saw on TV said, but looking at the description it may be that they were confused and mixed up the person in thepickup. Or, the description could be wrong.

  3. “almost killed permanently” You have a super power you’re not telling us about? :-p

    We had a sinkhole open up on the 20th too. Shut down the north highway for over 24 hours. Detour adds nearly an hour to the drive….and it had a sinkhole take that out of action for a few hours as well.

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