Taking Bachmann Out of Congress

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Minnesota’s 6th congressional district is represented by Michele Bachmann, who moved from the Minnesota Senate where she was one of the first legislators in the US to introduce academic freedom legislation to silence professors at the University of Minnesota who were lecturing on climate change and evolution, to the United States Congress a few terms back. Bachmann rode on her national popularity as a major co-founder of the Tea Party to secure re-election against a series of reasonable opponents. But last year, four things happened. First, Bachmann’s unrelenting over the top craziness started to catch up with her. Second, she let her constituents down by running for President instead of representing her district and doing very very poorly in that effort. Third, the Tea Party popularity started to wane as its hapless members lost interest or, in some cases, became embarrassed. Fourth, a well funded candidate, new to the political scene but capable, ran against her. So, last November, Jim Graves came almost within recount distance of Michelle Bachmann. And that was with Bachmann outspending Graves 12-1.

Well, today, Graves has announced that he will run again. He figures that he came close enough last time to make it possible for him to do it again only get those 4,000 votes or so he needed last time.

“These days Congress is all about scoring political points rather than actually solving problems and Minnesota’s 6th District — my home — is losing out because of that more than anywhere,” … “I’m not interested in celebrity, only in solutions.”

Bachmann has responded to Graves as she responded to every one of his moves during the last election: Sending around a fund raising letter linking Graves to a highly subversive and anti-American organization known to most of us as the Democratic Party.

In related news, Bachmann has won the 2013 Daily Kos Republican March to Madness Tournament. By a landslide.

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5 thoughts on “Taking Bachmann Out of Congress

  1. ??? I thought Bachmann was going up against Al Franken next round due to gerrymandering? Am I completely off base, or did something change?

  2. Al Franken is a senator; whereas Bachmann is in the House. She won’t be running against Franken unless she runs as a Senator.

  3. She’ll win again. Trust me, reason has deserted the Sixth district and will never come there again.

  4. Greg: She will not win next time.
    There is no way she could not win. The Sixth district has been Republican for forever and a day, just like mine is Democratic- my rep would have to blow up the Statue of Liberty in order to lose an election. The Sixth loves Bachmann; there is nothing she could say that they would not believe.

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