Educate yourself about the Keystone XL Pipeline. Please.

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I was distressed to find many people who are essentially pro-environment and who generally understand climate change science being less than terribly shocked about the prospect of the Keystone XL pipeline being built. Then I began to realize that many people don’t realize the order of magnitude of the problem. I’m writing a blog post about this which I’ll post Sunday or Monday, but in the mean time I want to provide a list of handy dandy reliable and helpful sources of information about the pipeline and related issues.

Keystone XL decision will define Barack Obama’s legacy on climate change

An Updated Look at What Keystone XL and Alberta Tar Sands Mean for the Climate

Why not Keystone XL. Clear reasons why Keystone XL is not in the U.S. national interest

STUDY: The Press And The Pipeline

Keystone XL: A Tar Sands Pipeline to INcrease Oil Prices (JUST ADDED: PDF file)

5 Myths About Keystone XL, Debunked

Debunking Natureโ€™s arguments for Keystone

The Keystone XL Pipeline: Red herring, symbol, or a piece of a puzzle?

Joe Romm on Climate, Obama, Keystone, and Consequences

New video explains the climate threat from the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

New Analysis Shows Simple Math: Keystone XL Pipeline = Tar Sands Expansion = Climate Change

How Much Will Tar Sands Oil Add to Global Warming?

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