Global Warming = Drought = Higher Food Prices

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Here’s a graph from the USDA:

USDA Graph Food Grains, Feed Grains, Hay and Oil Seeds prices

This comes from a post by Peter Sinclair: USDA: Warming Will Devastate Agriculture.

Also from that post, this interview with Phil Robertson of Michigan State University related to the question of C02 as “plant food.”

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4 thoughts on “Global Warming = Drought = Higher Food Prices

  1. My family has noticed a rise in our food budget in recent months. I have to say I’m not surprised. And I would not be surprised if the cost would continue to rise. It’s just one of the prices we pay for being carbon stupid. As bad as it is/will be for us, it will be worse for our children/grandchildren. I have already apologized (for what good it will do) to my grandchildren) for my contribution to the current and forthcoming climate changes.

  2. Jan. Thank you for the illustrative example of how a climate science denials (you) cherry picks data (those charts) to demonstrate that “nothing is wrong.”

    What is your motivation for lying? Do you know that this makes you a bad person, because climate change is real, and serious, and you are drying to hold off doing anything about it? I regard your reckless wrangling with facts as an attack on my children. Leave them alone.

  3. The question that really bothers me is why the folks who think that climate change is not happening are so incredibly vehement in their arguments. I know there is the whole thing about saving the economy by saving the fossil fuel industry but the fossil fuel industry is doomed anyway. I suspect we have already passed peak oil and the future can only hold dwindling supplies. My bet is that even with finding unexpected reserves we will be dripping our last drops within 100 years.

    Finding and implementing sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels makes good sense for humans and all life on the Earth. And yet there are people who absolutely go off the deep end about climate change despite overwhelming evidence. Don’t even consider bringing up anthropogenic climate change. Very strange behaviour. They attack the issue with almost a religious fervour.

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