How can anyone think that global warming isn’t real? Here’s how:

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Skeptical Science is a great source for information about climate change. One of the coolest things they’ve got over there is a moving GIF demonstrating how the folks in the climate science denialism industry try to convince people that global warming isn’t real. This involves cherry picking data to show small segments of time with either flat lines (no warming) or decreasing lines (cooling), and ignoring that the longer term pattern is one of a distinct increase.

Here’s the graphic:

global warming hoax vs.  real.
How to make it look like global warming is a hoax!

For more information about this graphic, and other great stuff, check out the Skeptical Science web page.

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5 thoughts on “How can anyone think that global warming isn’t real? Here’s how:

  1. OMG look at that last set – it shows a definite downward slant – abssolute proof that AGW is a fraud 😉

  2. I hope you’re being sarcastic too Jane.

    Only 330 months above the 20th century average sounds rather modest to me, if you break it into days it is more impressive. How about 9900 days above the 20th century average..

    Sounds way more impressive to me, what do you think?

    Just helping you out.


  3. I’m glad that I live in a city whose inhabitants are fighting the threat of global warming by taking part in the so-called Greenest City 2020 Action Plan whose aim is to eliminate the negative impact that our actions have on the environment. And global warming is one of the key areas in which the right decisions, if put into practice, may produce the desired effect even in the short term.

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