We’re gonna do the climate change thing

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Some may deny the science of climate change, but we’re not listening to them any more.

Hat tip to Peter Sinclair for this clip:

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5 thoughts on “We’re gonna do the climate change thing

  1. Lets put together a half hour program on what can be done to slow global warming. Want to focus on initiatives we can do locally.

  2. Organizing for Action has listed climate change as one of their top three priorities for the 2nd Obama Administration.

    OFA could use the guidance of a few good scientists. I’ve already volunteered my assistance. May I suggest that you and your readers do the same?

    On the same note, the Sierra Club and 350.org are planning a rally in D.C. on Feb. 17th. The last one drew in more than 10,000 participants.

    This won’t happen unless we make ourselves heard. The resistance and denial are very, very strong. It’s time for all of us to stand up.

    Thanks for the clip, Greg. It made my day when I heard it, but we need to keep this issue in the headlights – and headlines.

  3. I can hardly wait for Obama’s leadership on climate change. I’m sure it will be an effective nationwide program, something big I’m sure. Like a big program to switch to curly lightbulbs, something important.. He’ll get Michelle to promote it, her motto will be ‘Just say No to incandescents’.

    It will be huge. Lol!

  4. Greg,

    Out here in Montana, it is particularly difficult to get on with this “climate change thing” because, of course, the fact that our state is so fossil-fuel rich. Nevertheless, many of us are trying and, perhaps, are having an effect. I call your attention here to an op ed of mine that ran a couple days ago in the Missoulian (Missoula Montana) – not so much because of any new information it provides, but because of the way it provides that scientific information to the public. Based largely on direct observations of CO2 emissions and not too much theory and speculation, it seems to work pretty well with the members of the lay public I have spoken with. See it at:

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