Be a Lego Stud: The Unofficial Lego Builder's Guide (new edition)

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The other day I reviewed a guide to using the very high end Lego Technic system. Here, I’ve got a book that addresses the needs of those at the other end of the Lego Spectrum: The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide

By “other end of the spectrum” I do not mean unsophisticated or easy, I simply mean no electrical gizmos and not too many gears and things. For example, you might use this guide to build a very realistic scale model of the Space Shuttle or a cool Train Station with People waiting for the Train model. Or, perhaps, a house with a chimney. But a really cool one.

If you’ve not played around with modern Legos much you will be surprised at how many specialized and useful pieces there are, Lego items that have shapes that allow the development of some pretty sophisticated items. Cylinders, cones, walls, panels, pips and baseplates. Holy crap. Also, the techniques one might use to get these shapes to work together to make a Jumbo Jet or a Byzantine Mosaic (or a house with a chimney) are not necessarily fully intuitive. Thus, a book like The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide. The new edition is in color and apparently significantly updated.

Maybe, someday, you can be this guy:

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