This was not an easy thing to write

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My friend, Aslhey Miller, just wrote this thing and it is important. She has fallen in love with someone that her father does not approve of, and he, her father, has gone ahead and “disowned” her (a strange word when you think about it) for that reason. You should read this because it is socially and politically relevant, and Ashley is a social and political activist and a great writer. But she wrote it because she is a writer and needs to write about these things. This was not easy for her … not easy to make the decision to write about this experience. I would appreciate it if you would go and give her some kind words.

This is the essay: Racism, homophobia, and how I lost my dad last week.

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7 thoughts on “This was not an easy thing to write

  1. See, this is where the whole left hemisphere-right hemisphere split comes in. The left hemisphere accepts the data that establish conclusively that such attitudes still exist even in 2012. The right hemisphere keeps wanting to say inane things like “You’re kidding. You have got to be kidding…”

  2. But how much different is this that the old practice if you married outside your religion of being shunned from the family, or today what the Amish do. I recall hearing in the 1970s of a Jewish fellow whose folks held a funeral for him while he was alive because he married outside the faith. Actually the article had the inverse view of the jewish situation. Many parents think that by dictating their offsprings future they have the offsprings best interest at heart, which of course may be why 140 years ago a lot of folks just up and moved and abandoned their family.

  3. Well, interracial marriage and same sex “marriage” is NOT exactly the same thing.

    People do not realize that in the deep south things haven’t changed as much as they think. Sure someonf the young have conspiring ideas about the world and how they think it should work, but usually as they grow older they grow out of they government school taught liberlism stage. Some never get out of it. It is permanently imbedded into their minds as if satan himself put a steel door over their thought process to keep conservative thoughts at bay.

    While her father may be a racist, he is free to live as he chooses and believe as he chooses. Those beliefs may be wrong and racist, but not unlawful at least not under man’s law.

    I know that some of these old men often talk about the Bible telling people not to marry other races, but they often fail to realize the reason WHY God forbade his people Israel from marrying Hittites, Jebusites, and other ites. It was NOT becuase of skin color, it was becuase they were pagan idol worshippers and God did not want His people getting their religious practices from tribes who worshiped inanimate objects. It had nothing to do with skin color.

    However, the Bible is very clear in at least four books about homosexuality being a sin before God and man. Gensis, Romans, Corinthians, and Revelation all discuss punishment that goes along with the sin of homosexualty.

    Of course the sin of homosexuality was not any worse than any other sexual sin like prostitution and adultery. Other sins like witchcraft, idol worship, lying, murder, stealing, etc were all considered EQUAL crimes before God. However, they were ALL equally dismissable before the court of God if the criminal (sinner) confessed, plead guilty, and made a sacrifice (old testament only, Jesus is the sacrifice in NT).

    So, old men who tell you interracial relationships are a sin do not know what they are talking about.

  4. No such thing as homophobic. it is a made up word used to poke fun of traditional thinking people (Christians).

    Are you richaphobic? You scared of “teh rich”? I bet you are.

    You must be Godophobic or conservaphobic eh? Teapartyphobic?

    See, I can make up words too.

    Doesn’t matter wether you LISTEN or not. Truth prevails wether it is heard, accepted, ignored, denied, or attacked. Try again.

  5. @Kevin Sanders there is no god so your argument is null and void from the start. Thanks for playing anyway. Homophobia does not exist just with Christians – I’ve met plenty of people from other faiths or no faith at all that hate teh gays – again thanks for planying – you migfht want to broaden your education a bit though

  6. Education or indoctrination?

    God does exist. If He did not, you would not exist either.

    No such thing as homophobia. Exotulerwonginivia. See I can make up words too.

    Most faiths do not hate gays, but they do not tolerate SIN openly becuase in almost every religion except the global warming and other pagan religions of the left wing subculture of modern satanism, homosexuality is a SIN before God.

    If you have a problem with that, take it up with Him. Not us. We didn;t make the rules, we just follow them.

    Now, commence to arguing back and i will fill you with important knowledge that you so evidently lack.
    Youare correct that I need more education, but I refuse to go to a government school. I will stick to the private ones thank you. Goverment schools tend to push left wing policies ahead of real education.

    Homophobia does not exist making YOUR argument null and void. Therefore, we are on a “fair playing field” if you will.

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