Joe Biden goes to Costco

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Here’s Joe being a regular guy, picking up some cookies, a pie, some kids toys, and a big-ass TV.

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6 thoughts on “Joe Biden goes to Costco

  1. If he was a “regular Joe” at Costco, he’d be going “Can’t afford these, can’t get these, wish I could get this now because it is on sale but Accounts is still trying to find my last paycheck, and….oh! Baked beans by the box! I hate them, but they’ll stretch dinners for me and my family by a few more days…”

  2. In terms of which elected officials, and media figures are closest to ‘regular folk’ Biden might be pretty close to as good as it gets. And but for the publishing of a couple of best selling books Obama would be close.

    One of the silent resentments of the right about Obama and Biden being in office has to do with the right’s worship of wealth; neither has enough money to qualify as genuinely elite.

  3. Joe Biden is not poor, he’s solidly middle class. So he can afford to buy a TV once a year. However, he’s definitely not rich or extra-rich.

    Is he a ‘regular Joe’? Unfortunately, not. But he’s a good model of how ‘regular Joes’ should look in the US.

  4. JJ – don’t believe me, here go find proof at a non-existent Page. I know, look at the $7 dividend Costco is paying. Look at the enormous increase in stock value over 5 years. If Sinegal and Jelinek are such awful liberals, how have they built one of the most successful, respected companies in the world? The answer is obvious, liberals are better at good business than conservatives, look at the difference between Wal-Mart/Sams and Costco and tell me based on success who runs businesses better… Well, it isn’t just me, but the majority of Americans agree, see the last election.
    @nomuse, keep believing that propaganda, but keep this in mind, Costco is one of the best values out there for folks on SNAP/food stamps. So even with a lot of high end merchandise, Costco food is an excellent value for budget conscious shoppers, without regard to the reason.

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