Dennis Markuze, aka Dave Mabus, Arrested in Montreal

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These are the tweets from the Montreal Police:

For those who don’t know, Dennis Markuze is a perennial internet-only (so far) stalker who has been sending nasty emails and tweets to anyone he sees as a key Atheist figure or anyone thusly linked, and posting rambling often offensive sometimes threatening blog comments on our blog sites, for several years now. He is a Nostradamus cultist. A while back he was arrested and put by Montreal authorities into psychiatric care, and later released under certain conditions including that he not bother people on line any more. More recently he started up again with his old habits, the community of those he harasses complained again to the authorities, and he was, as you can see, re-apprehended.

For more information on him click here.

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10 thoughts on “Dennis Markuze, aka Dave Mabus, Arrested in Montreal

  1. I’m sort of torn about my feelings on all this. On the one hand, I’m fully in support of providing help for people who need it and, while I’m not going to get into the diagnosing game, it would appear that the courts, at least, deemed him in need of mental health care. But I also feel like his obvious attempts to hide his identity suggest that he is well aware that what he’s doing is wrong and that there could be consequences and if you are being an unmitigated dick, knowingly, intentionally, and for malicious reasons, there should be consequences for it and it doesn’t sound like that was achieved the first time around because he’s right back at it.

  2. @NEBob: IANACanadianL, but given the charge and specification I think it’s unlikely Markuze will be released on bail. It should be easy for the prosecutor to argue that he’s a danger to others.

  3. Marnie,

    I think too often the analysis of criminals with psychiatric conditions or personality disorders allows us to forget that people can be both mad _and_ bad.

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