Things we are not going to do as a nation. Phew.

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This is brilliant.

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Note the affirmation by Rachel of the whole High Water Mark thing.

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6 thoughts on “Things we are not going to do as a nation. Phew.

  1. An amazing synopsis. Spelled out nearly everything that happened, why and what the GOP needs to do to creep back into the game. The only thing I heard that required more stress was the appalling amount of money a few wealthy donors spent, rather wasted, in pursuit of buying the election.

  2. Yeah, she nailed it. Will they listen? I think all they will hear is “blah blah blah you lost, blah blah blah you lost…”. The conservative mind is just closed. They need to get hit hard several times in quick succession to wake up to the fact that maybe, just maybe their thinking might be skewed.

    Right now they are thinking how screwed up everyone is for voting Obama in for a second term, not how wrong they were on the polls.

  3. We are going to continue to have 1000 military installations around the world to continue our extracting resources from around the world and killing poor people of color around the world without a blip of protest from so called progressive. We are going to continue to undermine all efforts enact any actual, reality-based, practical solution to putting the brakes on Global Heating.

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