Black people have ruined it for everyone?

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The evidence that if you are a Republican you are a member of a club that you should be embarrassed to be a member of mounts. In this case, Jon Hubbard and Loy Mauch of Arkansas speak out in favor of slavery and blame African Americans for the results of institutional racism.

“Arkansas Republicans tried to distance themselves Saturday from a Republican state representative’s assertion that slavery was a “blessing in disguise” and a Republican state House candidate who advocates deporting all Muslims. The claims were made in books written, respectively, by Rep. Jon Hubbard of Jonesboro and House candidate Charlie Fuqua of Batesville. Those books received attention on Internet news sites Friday…”.* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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22 thoughts on “Black people have ruined it for everyone?

  1. Being an idiot and being a Republican are not mutually exclusive, but one is not the cause of the other either. I feel certain Republicans are embarrassed that these men identify themselves as such.

  2. I’m sure that’s true, but … at some point you work to change the community one is in, and at another point, when stronger forces have prevailed and that is no longer possible, you leave. The fact is that today Rush Limbaugh is the voice of the mainstream in the Republican Party and extremists like these guys are gaining favor.

  3. Ah, blaming the victim – always a favorite. It just goes to show how close the GOP really is to the taliban and other fanatic religious groups. In the past few days, in Pakistan the taliban attempted to murder a young woman because she dared ask for education to be made available to women – it’s that woman’s fault of course because the taliban can do no wrong. In Indonesia a young woman who was raped is expelled from the private school which she attended because she has tarnished the image of the school – how dare she go and get herself raped? The GoP is now dominated by the John Birch Society and other whackos.

  4. Yet another “science” blog beckons itself by becoming a political tool. Shall we condemn all liberals for the unbelievable idiocy spewed by its vast numbers of irrational adherents? Shall we condemn all Muslims for all jihadi statements? Shall we condemn all science blogs when some nut makes a statement suggesting that conservatism is defined and represented by fools who make idiotic statements in the name of conservatism and, therefore, conservatives should be embarrassed to hold conservative ideas?

  5. There is mounting evidence that if you are a liberal hack, you are incapable of constructing a readable sentence.

  6. It took Todd 2 minutes to find a rare case on Google of a batshit crazy Democrat. But you don’t even need to look on Google to find a batshit crazy Republican. They come to your door, they send you literature, they send you emails, they are in the news every day. But, if you must, go ahead. Go for it

  7. It is interesting that Todd didn’t find time to speak to the assertions made by these two republicans. What do you think Todd, are the two republicans right or are they idiots (in your opinion)?

    How about the fact that none of the “leaders” in the Republican Party has come forward to distance the party’s stance from the things these two clowns say?

    Address this before you begin the “look over there” game.

  8. There is mounting evidence that if you are a liberal hack, you are incapable of constructing a readable sentence.

    ? Your problem is probably due to the larger words and longer sentences used here, instead of the political affiliation of the author.

  9. Yes, yes, I know – its always different for your side.

    Dean – you might want to buy some platforms, seems like things are going over your head.

    You guys are a hoot.

  10. To Render,

    Yes of course there are “idiot” liberals and Dems. I would certainly not say otherwise (face it there are plain and simply dumb people everywhere). But this pretense of equivalency is simply not empirically supported (there’s another strange new word for Republicans: empirical).

    But good God, you’d have to be blind to have not seen by now that there has to be idiot backward statements at a rate of 20 to 1 betwen Dems and Republicans respectively.

    Even a list of the really biggies is far too long to go into but among them: “put an aspirin between your legs to stop pregnancy, legitimate rape, evolution and global warming as socialist globalist conspiracies, 80 congressional democrats as members of the communist party, state department infested with the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama as foreign born…

    The anti-scientist, anti-Enlightenment, anti-modernist, xenophobic brains falling out on the floor Republican party has simply become the Bizarro Universe of our time.

    Oh God the list goes on and on and on and on and on.

    I dare anyone give me a list of comments this stupid that is a fraction of the length of those now found in the Republican party. They just aren’t there.

  11. DuaneBidoux, go read several years of archives at DailyKos or any of the other cauldrons of liberalism. There’s your idiot backwards statements at a rate equal to or greater than those you attribute to Republicans. What, not willing? So much for empirical.

    Well, let’s go with the whole distancing thing mentioned in other comments. Just one example – you saw it immediately to statements by Akin. What, you didn’t see it? Willful evasion, then, because everyone else did. Or perhaps you didn’t see the distancing from Akin’s statement that breast milk cures homosexuality, as described in this Daily Kos article I’m looking at here (do you own googling.) Oh, but wait … that was one of the many hoaxes invented by and perpetuated by liberals. Darn. Well, it’s the truthiness that counts, right? We can still count those as statements by Republicans, because it’s the kind of thing they _could_ have said.

    By the way, I’m not a Republican. Just someone with open eyes, an active mind, and a habit of evaluating ALL of reality, not just the convenient parts. Try it sometime.

  12. Todd

    Try not to act like a spoiled little 5 year old. “But little Johnny did it too!’

    It doesn’t matter if there are certifiable democrats out there – no-one would argue with that. Mind you, some of the ‘criticisms’ at your second link are crazy in themselves. So what if Dennis Kucinich had (or has) ties to the Communist Party? Last time I checked, the USA was a free country and anyone could hold whatever political views they liked. Or do you disagree with that particular aspect of the constitution?

    The issue here is the racist and bat shit crazy statements of these two idiots. Why can’t you act with a modicum of maturity, and condemn them for what they are, rather than stamping your foot and trying to deflect criticism onto someone else?

  13. Render: Let me introduce you to a concept called false equivalence. Daily Kos is an online community that anyone can join. (There are comparable communities on the right as well, such as Red State.) Undoubtedly some fraction of the people who do are dim witted conspiracy nuts, but they are not (necessarily) elected officials. (Ditto Red State.) Broun and Akin are members of the US Congress. I’m sure you can find random posts on DKos that are factually wrong, much as Broun and Akin have made public statements that are factually wrong. But if you think that there is an equivalence between the blatherings of a fringe DKos poster and the blatherings of elected Congressmen, then you are more wrong than either the DKos poster or Broun.

    As for Akin: Some Republicans did distance themselves over the rape comment, but not all Republicans did. And of the ones who did (1) it was more over the timing (this was just before the deadline for him to withdraw from his current race, MO-Senate, which he had been expected to win) than the content of what he said and (2) they came back after Akin chose to remain in the race. At least, that was how I recall the coverage (try searching the Talking Points Memo archives for stories on Akin).

  14. Not necessary to be republican to be a moron, bur more likely to be in certain areas of the country. Good republicans if you can find a couple, should strive to enlighten their ranks, educate them and bring their stock to the 21rst century. It has come to a point of deep embarassment to educated people, not only democrats, to hear their positions–specially on education! If Romeny were fair with his constituents he would disavow comments like this. We are going to be the laughing stock on foreign countries. But, hey. We elected Bush. Right? What more proof than that? Twice! OMG are we a nation of illiterates or what? Wake up, people, idiots can elect a president, but it shouldn’t be that way if you get some education.

  15. Bubu, Republicans are way beyond laughing stock. Internationally, the American Republican party would be invited to be the clown at children’s parties were it not considered also dangerous. That’s been true for quite a while.

  16. All this name-calling is a waste of bandwidth, and so is attacking/defending the books mentioned earlier. Slavery was a disaster for both White and Black Southerners, though for different reasons. It had to go and must not be revived. However, please compare the political, social, and economic status of Blacks in modern Africa and in the US. Who has the greater political freedom? Who has the longer lifespan? Who has the higher material standard of living?

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