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You’ll recall that the governor of Pennsylvania was filmed admitting that the voter ID law he ushered in for that state was designed to make sure Obama lost there. Pennsylvania is sort of a swing state, but Obama winning there would not have shocked anyone even from the perspective of a few months ago before Romney started “running” for president (and by “running” I mean “stumbling”). Since then, all three states that have voter ID laws in place to bias the election towards Republican candidates have seen a backlash against this atrocious insult to our democracy, and as a result, Obama will win in all three of those states, and other Democrats will do well.

And now, this: Judge Puts Pennsylvania Voter ID Law On Hold Through Election. From NPR:

A judge is basically “postponing Pennsylvania’s tough new voter identification requirement, ordering that it not be enforced in the presidential election,” The Associated Press writes.

But in a ruling that’s rather difficult to follow if you’re not very familiar with the case, Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson also says he “will not restrain election officials from asking for photo ID at the polls; rather, I will enjoin enforcement of those parts of Act 18 which directly result in disenfranchisement.”

I look forward to expert commentary that will help us all understand this.

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1 thought on “Pennsylvania Voter ID News

  1. If I read it right, it doesn’t enjoin them from ASKING for ID, but it does stop them from preventing them from voting if they don’t have any. They may still be able to intimidate people who do not know their rights. The Dems need to put people at each polling place to make sure this doesn’t happen outside the poll, or even at the table.

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