Romney-Ryan Space Plan: Do What Obama Has Been Doing

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But at the same time say that Obama is doing it wrong:

The campaign’s plan cited four priorities – giving NASA focus, working with the international community, increasing the nation’s capacity to defend its assets in space and easing trade limits on foreign sales of American “space goods.” Romney did not suggest increased space spending — his budget plan would force cuts in domestic programs, including space — but on increased reliance on commercial firms to get Americans and their goods into space. That mirrors the Obama administration’s plan.

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5 thoughts on “Romney-Ryan Space Plan: Do What Obama Has Been Doing

  1. This really does point to the main message that the Tea Party GOP has been sending since 2008: “Obama/Liberals are always wrong.” No matter what issue, and with hardly any reasonable fix.

  2. Meh, I don’t believe it. The thing is to *say* you’ll do what Obama’s doing but do things ‘better’ – of course in Ryan’s world, ‘better’ means with $0 per year funding.

  3. Well who do YOU want to Be doing all the NASA-ing? Highly paid, highly Trained professionals with decades of experience? Hah! Typical Fucking liberal answer. You don’t Need Professionals to build A space shuttle. I Propose an All Volunteer Space Program!

    /sarcasm. (Though volunteer astronauting would be sweet)

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