Atheist Voices of Minnesota, Unplugged

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Have you read, or at least acquired your copy of, Atheist Voices of Minnesota: an Anthology of Personal Stories? Just so you know, it is an anthology of (just like the title says) personal stories of individuals’ journey to atheism. And, those people are writing from a Minnesota perspective. There are a lot of really great stories in the anthology, and a forward by Greta Christina.

Anyway, this Sunday, at the Southdale Library in the Greater Minneapolis area (just south of the city), at the monthly Minnesota Atheist meeting, there will be a special event involving the reading out loud of portions of the book, by many of your favorite authors. Among the readers, I believe, will be PZ Myers and Stephanie Zvan. Further details are here.

Although I never planned on doing the reading, I was thinking I’d go to this event, but it turns out that I can’t make it. But I hope you do!

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4 thoughts on “Atheist Voices of Minnesota, Unplugged

  1. It’s the answer to people needing a venue to tell their stories. Here’s an idea, Sascha. Read the book before deciding that it’s full of “medium IQ people joining scientism.”

  2. Almost none of the stories involve science, and none are polemics against religions. They are personal stories…you know, like “Here’s how my friend’s death affected me” and “So funny thing, I used to be a ghostbuster.” Good mix of funny and poiniant.

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