Ever thought about why a woman would want an abortion?

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3 thoughts on “Ever thought about why a woman would want an abortion?

  1. Well duh, women aren’t people. They can’t make their own choices. Women are like car trunks where men can put things in and take things out as he pleases. You’d never ask a car what its motives are.

  2. Well it depends on the woman in question who have real life stories of their own such as this one :


    by Mikki Kendall whose life was saved by an abortion and this one :


    among tens of thousands (?) of others.

    We could, just maybe listen to what women say and want and respect their rights to choose for themselves.

    Or we could listen to the misognyists of the anti-choice Coathanger abortion lobby and deny them that if we were to be, say, utter A-holes.

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