New Creation Science Attraction, and I say, "go for it!"

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I am looking forward to the construction of the meatspace version of the currently on-line only “Creation Science Hall of Fame” on vacant land on Interstate 75 between the Creation Museum and the Ark Park.

Someday this section of Northern Kentucky will be a veritable Miracle Mile of Creationism Related Facilities. It is about this time this industry got some competition. We know that the Invisible Hand of the Free Market is like god and makes everything better. What could possibly go wrong?

Here’s the story from the Courier-Journal

Hat Tip: Joe

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3 thoughts on “New Creation Science Attraction, and I say, "go for it!"

  1. I am not sure what all of the fuss is over the creation museum or Ark. For years left wingers have had a hissy fit over the place. I do not understand. No one is forcing you to go there or read any of their materials or anything.

    Well, I guess if a personal is a little dilusional about free markets, he/she is certainly ill informed about the complicated nature of creationism.

  2. Created Man Sockpuppet: The problem is not that the museum or ark (or any of that) exists. The problem has been integrating these absurd spectacles of blinding ignorance into school curriculum, or in providing tax breaks for them. This is America. We love our constitution. These are violations of that honored document.

    You are dismissed.

  3. I’d have thought the biggest problem with these weird religious “museums” and such, is that they make the USA a laughing stock all around the developed world.

    Of course, we all know that there *are* sane people in the USA, but most of the news we hear from over there is about religious nutjobs running for office, religious bigots already in office, religious maniacs trying to indoctrinate children in various ways, and religious arseholes finding new ways to oppress women. Oh yes, and other crazies shooting people.

    Is this really how you want the USA to be known?

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