It is important to be hated by the right people

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And, generally, I am. Below the fold, not work safe.

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5 thoughts on “It is important to be hated by the right people

  1. I have a perverse desire to find out how science could be at odds with feminism, not intense enough to subscribe to the channel or even remember that I had seen this video, but still, I’m curious. Will we find out how feeble and irrational women are? Will we learn how equality is hurting the menz? What oh what will this “science” tell us?

  2. These people who make these videos, or one of their fans anyway, are constantly sending me emails. I suspect I’ll know when the next volume comes out and I’ll be sure to post it.


  3. Needs some lessons on how to use a video camera – or maybe just get a screen capture program 🙂 It’s good to be hated by the “right” kind of people.

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