Barbara Forrest: Inside the Louisiana Science Education Act

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Barbara Forest Wrote Creationism’s Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design. Here is a recent talk by her:

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5 thoughts on “Barbara Forrest: Inside the Louisiana Science Education Act

  1. Well said Barbara. I partially agree we should keel creationism and intelligent design out of the class room, but in a way, that hurts critical thinking and true religious freedom. If we could make it legal to teach children about religion, maybe we could finally make progress in getting people to see how wrong the religions of the world are. There is not a shred of evidence to support creationism or intelligent design, and some good teachers showing this to the children may help them down a very difficult path. It is very difficult for a young adult to become free from religion. It would be great for our country if the school systems could support students to achieve religious freedom. Their parents, ministers, and priests will not help them, and in most cases, don’t know much about God and religion. And what they do think they know is probably wrong.
    For example, “Intelligent Design” proposes that the universe evolved over billions of years – as a God designed it to. It’s easy to teach a child how silly this notion is. And, if you accepted the idea, the logic at the core of the Christian church breaks down. Along with Intelligent design goes the notion that the Adam and Eve story are not literally true. So if Adam and Eve didn’t actually sin, what was Jesus needed for?
    Some good lessons on Christianity, History, Philosophy, and Sociology all centered around why people created their Gods and their religion would do wonders for our children.
    I ended up writing a book for my own children because good information about why people believe in God is so very hard to find. . It is very difficult to raise atheist children, when the schools are prohibited from supporting them. I’m glad to see people fighting the good fight, but more religious education is needed in our classrooms, not less.

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