Is Scripps News Service out of control?

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If corporations are people, there is an argument that Scripps News Service should have a restraining order placed on it. The news service repeatedly took down the hourly postings by NASA, made by NASA, on the NASA YouTube channel, because they thought somehow, by mistake, that NASA was violating Scripps News Service’s rights. Later, Scripps News Service apologized, but that is not enough. No apology can undo the fact that an ongoing real time event was repeatedly disrupted by what can only be seen as a grave error.

Imagine that there is an event happening where getting certain information out to the public is vitally important. Something that a future CDC would do, or something about an ongoing weather event, and Scripps News Service or some other similar corporation blunders along and causes the deletion of vital information because it has a policy of over-reacting? Oh, and it does have a policy of over-reacting; this is not the first time Scripps News Service has done something like this.

YouTube needs to fix its Copyright Robot, the Congress and similar agencies worldwide have to fix Copyright law, and Scripps News Service needs to start wearing an ankle bracelet.

The full story is here.

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7 thoughts on “Is Scripps News Service out of control?

  1. Elsewhere I have read that it was computers that did the detection and takedown. We have seen recently that computers can nearly bankrupt a broker (Knight Capital) and other episodes (see risks digests). Reportedly the software looked for similiarities between Scripps reports and other posts found them and sent Youtube a takedown notice which Youtubes software proceeded to do. It appears that Scripps grabbed the Nasa feed and got it up on Youtube first, leading to the problem.

  2. @lyle#1: If that’s so, Scripps is clearly at fault. What the hell are they doing issuing takedown notices for items which they have no copyright on? At best they’re morons if they’ve set up their robots that way.

  3. I’m sure it was robots. Out of control wanton robots set upon us by the chimera that is Corporations and People. Peopleations. Corporoeople. Whatever. It was robots.

  4. I thought that the DMCA had penalties for people who sent invalid takedown notices. Class-action suit, anyone?

  5. NASA already has control of near-Earth orbit. They’re well-positioned to make sure this never happens again.

  6. It’s just a matter of time before the YT robots become self aware & Pffft, we’ll all just be lumps of melted fat (like Happy Cabbie) as the T1000’s have their revenge on the Human Race, where’s John Connor when you need him??

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