India Blackout: What about the North American Grid?

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I have been telling people for several months now that if you want to have an intelligent conversation about energy and especially the power grid, smart grids, electric cars, and electricity production you need to stop talking for a while and read my friend Maggie Koerth Baker’s book, Before the Lights Go Out: Conquering the Energy Crisis Before It Conquers Us. So just go do that.

If you want to cheat, and read only one chapter of the book, that is not as good but Maggie is making that easy for you. She is giving you are free chapter, HERE. I don’t recommend that. I recommend reading the whole book, but if you must, that’s the link.

Also, as you will note if you go to that Link, Maggie, who is Science Editor at Boing Boing, is working up a piece involving interviews of power grid experts specifically addressing India, and that will be available in a day or so. Thanks Maggie, looking forward to that!

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