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I think my “weblogue” series (here) is getting long enough (though it will get much longer) that it is worth listing out the posts thus far. These posts originally appeared on quichemorain.com or greg laden’s blog; I’ve rewritten or updated them and put them in a special order.

  • Thump is about a recurring nightmare and its origins. There might be Nazis. I hate those guys.
  • My Journey Through Race and Racism is a white guy expressing his liberal guilt by showing how he isn’t completely evil.
  • The Subtext is a Sandwich links the horrors of ordering a BLT at Subway with world starvation and personal trauma.
  • My career in music: The Early Years is a lively jaunt through the early days of stereo, before iTunes.
  • OK, I didn’t really have a career in music is about beer. Bluegrass Music Trigger Warning.
  • Viet Nam at Home is the story of how I ended up becoming an archaeologist.
  • The Columbia House Record Club is about feeling alright. Which is not what you think it is.
  • Next up: GJ’s Bar at State and Lark in Albany, New York.

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