Sally Ride has died

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Dr. Sally Ride is reported to have died today after a long battle with cancer. She was 61. Ride was the first American woman to go into outer space, and the youngest at the time, at age 32. She was also a pioneer in STEM promotion, and a prolific author.

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3 thoughts on “Sally Ride has died

  1. Ride was the first woman to go into outer space.

    So what is Valentina Tereshkova — chopped liver?

  2. Sorry to hear about Dr. Ride’s death, I remember watching her shuttle launch (back when that was still considered exciting TV material). Astronauts are still mostly men, but it’s difficult to overstate how big of a deal was sending a woman into orbit then.

    However you may want to correct your post to indicate she was only the first American woman in space.

  3. Chopped liver would be good space food because it would fit nicely in those tubes.

    Right, first American woman, and at the time, youngest American.

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