Zimmerman Attributes His Execution of Travyon Martin To Sky Daddy, Says He’d Shoot Him Again

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George Zimmerman has made the claim that it was “God’s Plan” for him to kill Travyon Martin last March in Florida, and that he would do the same thing again had the incident been replayed. He said this in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

Hmmm…I wonder if that paragraph should have come with two or three trigger warnings…

Anyway, Zimmerman says he is sorry that it happened. He says he loves his own children. (He has no children.) He prays for the parents of the man he murdered every day. Note the interesting editing in the following extended segment from the interview.

Here’s the part about God’s Plan:

“No sir” in answer to a question that essentially meant, “If you had a chance, would you have let Trayvon Martin live?”

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2 thoughts on “Zimmerman Attributes His Execution of Travyon Martin To Sky Daddy, Says He’d Shoot Him Again

  1. Wait, is this the “god of peace” who had that commandment thingy about murder? Is that the god he thinks sent him to stalk, harass, and kill an unarmed teen who had just bought himself some candy? Why couldn’t the all powerful, benevolent god come up with a plan that didn’t result in his lackey ending up in jail on murder charges and his wife in jail on perjury charges? If there actually were a god, you’d almost think his REAL plan was to get this psychopath off the streets.

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