Boehner Joins Bachmann Pile-on

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Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann. I can see her Congressional district from my front porch.

This is very strange. Michele Bachmann has said batshitcrazy stuff before and there was never a push back by the GOP party stalwarts. But there is now, following her remarks about top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Is there something about calling for the investigation of a particular individual who happens to be a Democrat working for the Obama administration that is worse, in the minds of Republicans, than calling for the investigation of every Democrat in Congress?

Or, is there something going on with Bachmann right now that is causing this unusual negative reaction to Bachmann’s claims. For example, is the Muslim Brotherhood in cahoots with the GOP? (Don’t laugh, it is quite possible.) Or is there talk by the Romney Campaign that Bachmann could be considered as a running mate pick (laugh all you want, but that is even more possible) and establishment Republicans want to make sure that doesn’t happen either to avoid a Palinesque disaster or because they have someone else in mind? Or has the time come, in the Republican Party (and the time always comes for this, eventually) for them to start eating their own? That, I think, is unlikely becuase one usually eats one’s own when one is on the ropes or totally in charge, and it is not clear that they are quite in either state at the moment.

Or, maybe it has to do with Money. I’m pretty sure Bachmann has a lot of money and she probably doesn’t need it to beat the guy who’s running against her right now. He’s OK and all, but has zero experience and the election season is weeks old and he’s not scored a punch yet. Maybe the Republicans want Bachmann to transfer some of her war chest elsewhere and she’s not buying it. Or maybe there’s some sort of negative Romney-Bachmann thing going on.

In any event, today, House Speaker John Boehner, who is essentially the top Republican in office at the moment, two heart beats away from the Presidency of the United States, called her remarks “dangerous.” That’s serious.

Interesting question at the end. Interesting non-answer, too. Of course, its related. Batshitcrazy does not belong on one of the most important committees in the US Congress.

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