Art Imitates a Video Game

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I’ve been watching old World War II era movies lately. I just watched The Last Escape starring Stewart Whitman and a cast of dozens. The plot: A British unit (sort of) led by an American is trying to sneak a German rocket scientist out of Germany as Russian units move into the area. It turns out the Russians are also after the rocket scientist and his colleagues.

There are two things about the movie that were interesting, one of which anyone will understand, the other for a select audience.

The first thing: Most of the scenes were of the English and American soldiers and the Germans that were with them. In these scenes everyone spoke English. But there were extensive scenes with the Germans, with lots of activity and conversation, and those scenes were all in German. And there were a few scenes with the Russians with dialog and action, and those were all in Russian.

There were no subtitles. You kinda had to know all three languages.

The second thing: Near the end of the movie is all became a chase scene with large strange looking trucks, tanks, and guys on foot with bazookas. And it looked exactly like one or two of the challenges in Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

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